A Russian doctor reveals the relationship between the condition of the hands and the body’s immunity

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publish date 2022-02-02 09:20:31

A number of changes appear on the hands in the winter, as they crack and turn red in addition to some drying out.
In an interview with “Sputnik”, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Svetlana Zaboeva, attributed this to the characteristics of its structure.
The doctor said: “There are fewer sebaceous and sweat glands on the skin of the hands compared to the face and body, so the skin of the hands is more vulnerable. Against the background of cooling and reduced skin hydration, the skin cracks, as a result of which dryness, peeling, cracks and micro-traumas may appear.”
The doctor stressed the need not to underestimate the small scratches and cracks, as they negatively affect the general state of immunity.
To protect the skin of the hands from such damage, the doctor recommended the use of moisturizers that contain ceramides – micro-compounds that restore the surface layers of the skin. If small cracks continue to appear, they must be treated with special means.
“It is essential to cleanse and rejuvenate anti-inflammatory, healing and rejuvenating creams so that these microtraumas heal faster,” Zaboeva said.
And she concluded, saying: “Whoever suffers from diabetes, he needs to consult a dermatologist, and perhaps another consultation with a therapist and an endocrinologist.”

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