9 steps to help your mind focus.. Enjoy the moment and set a schedule for your priorities

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Many feel exhausted, lack of focus or anxiety, and their inability to implement their plans, as a result of not controlling their mind with focus, which makes them always feel stress and tension, and poverty in dealing with others, which causes a person many problems that may lead him to love isolation and loneliness As the human relations expert, Dr. Hala Al-Azab, explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day” that there are some steps that help you calm your thoughts, maintain your focus and increase your productivity, and then improve your relationship with those around you as follows:

Enjoy the moment:

The human relations expert said instead of not constantly thinking about negative future outcomes and expecting the worst, you should enjoy the moment you are living now, especially if it feels positive.

Summarize all the positive:

Especially before bed, you can summarize everything that is positive throughout your day, in order to give a signal to your mind that you are on the right path, and which increases your feeling of positivity for your steps, while writing down the tasks required of you for the next day, while introducing fun and pleasure into your day and this works to clear your mind and increases your focus.

Breathing exercises:

The human relations expert explained that you should train yourself to do breathing exercises at least every two hours a day, as it helps you relax and focus.

Set a bedtime:

She added that you should set a specific time for sleeping and waking up and working to sleep at least eight hours a day, and the human relations expert stressed the need to take a break every hour and a half at least, by exercising, drinking water, or changing your position. This also helps you increase your focus.

Rank your priorities:

Don’t think about more than one thing at a time, finish your tasks in order of priority without getting distracted one by one, the more you train your mind to stay focused on one thing, the easier it will be to maintain productivity and reduce mental clutter over time.

Change your status:

And the human relations expert said if you feel lost, you should change your situation, and if the situation continues, you can resort to one of the other tasks required of you, and go back to what you were doing, as she explained that using one of the applications that helps focus where notes are available for them to write down tasks and an alarm to remind you always what upon you.


Increase focus
Increase focus

lack of focus
lack of focus


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