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The government to Jordanians: vegetable prices will drop soon

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publish date 2022-02-02 14:41:07

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The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply expected a decrease in the prices of vegetables and fruits soon after the increase in quantities imported to local markets.

The Ministries of Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Supply confirmed the increase in the quantities of vegetables supplied to the local market today, Wednesday, after they declined during the past two weeks due to the frost wave and led to a rise in prices.

As it continues to rise, a government trend to set the prices of some types of vegetables

For his part, the media spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lawrence Majali, said that there is a noticeable increase today in the quantities imported to the supermarkets of vegetables and fruits, as the quantities recorded today increased to 3 thousand tons, compared to last week, which amounted to 2.3 thousand tons.

Al-Majali stressed the continuity of the flow of the appropriate quantities for the local need of vegetables and fruits during the coming days. Al-Majali indicated that the quantity of onions imports today has reached 300 tons, while it did not exceed 150 tons last week, and this applies to potatoes, which reached 460 tons today, compared to 250 tons in last week.

Cucumber recorded a slight increase in quantities, as it reached 110 tons today, while it reached 60 tons last week, with the quantities received from zucchini remaining below the local need as a result of the impact of the squash crop on the air depression, as it is considered one of the exposed and frost-sensitive crops, and we continue to follow up on the quantities imported to the markets.

The media spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Yanal Al-Barmawi, said that the ministry is in continuous coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and follow-up on the quantities of vegetables and fruits received in the central markets.

He pointed out that the high quantities received today of vegetables and fruits to the market will reflect on prices and their decrease, thus easing the burdens on consumers.

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