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“Labour”: Inspection tours recorded electronically, starting next week

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publish date 2022-02-02 01:08:28

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The Ministry of Labor announced that its inspection tours will be electronically recorded by cameras, as of next week, according to what the Ministry’s Secretary-General Farouk Al-Hadidi said.

In his interview with Al-Mamlaka channel, Al-Hadidi indicated that there is a control room linked to the electronically recorded tours, adding that each inspector will be an observer during the inspection of institutions or when dealing with auditors.

He talked about resorting to store cameras previously when dealing with complaints about labor inspectors.

Al-Hadidi noted that there is a weakness in the worker’s knowledge of his rights, but he stressed that no complaint received by the Ministry from any worker with any institution or company will be neglected, while listening to the opinions of employers on labor issues.

He stressed that complaints received were dealt with “confidentiality and privacy.”

For his part, Director of the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies, Ahmed Awad, said that 48% of the workforce is unorganized and not registered with social security.

Awad spoke about the widespread and permanent spread of labor violations, indicating that the volume of violations increased during the Corona pandemic.

He pointed out that 140,000 workers were dismissed from their jobs during the last year.

As for the head of the General Federation of Jordan Trade Unions, Mazen Al-Maaytah, he saw that the “economic decline” began before the Corona pandemic due to political tensions in the region, pointing to the negative impact of the unemployment problem more than developed countries.

Al-Maaytah spoke of the need to expand the base of trade union organization, and the necessity of “social protection” in the labor law.

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