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Amendments regarding the inclusion of workers in the agricultural sector in the insurance umbrella

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publish date 2022-02-01 18:37:17

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The Minister of Labor, Nayef Istitieh, said that the arrangements previously agreed upon between representatives of the agricultural sector and social security to regulate the inclusion of workers in agricultural holdings have been implemented since last September under Communication No. 41, which allowed owners of agricultural holdings to include their workers only with work injury insurance, This means that the percentage of total social security contributions will be reduced from 21.75% to 2%, indicating that the validity period of this notification extends until the end of 2022.

Stitieh said in a press statement today, Tuesday, that the series of meetings that brought together the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and representatives of the agricultural sector with the Parliamentary Agriculture Committee led to consensus on the inclusion of the amended draft law on the Social Security Law, allowing owners of agricultural landlords to include their workers only with work injury insurance until Beginning of 2024, this is in addition to enabling agricultural landlords to partially cover their workers with old-age insurance according to specific segments, which means a decrease in the subscription rate to 6.9% for the first segment, 9.4% for the second segment, 13.5% for the third segment, and 17.6% for the fourth, and 21.75% if the holder chooses to fully include any of his workers in all insurances

The minister indicated that in light of these meetings with representatives of the agricultural sectors during his multiple meetings with many sectors, work permit fees had been reduced earlier from 500 dinars to 400 dinars for workers in this sector.

These measures come as a response from the government to the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II to support the agricultural sector.

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