Government: We are working on tracing the source of the hack

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publish date 2022-02-02 00:30:05

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The government’s “Your Right to Know” platform issued a clarification regarding the hacking of its official account on the “Twitter” platform, on Tuesday night.

And the platform wrote in a tweet, “The Twitter account was hacked for several minutes by an unknown source.”

She added, “The technical team specialized in the Prime Ministry was able to control the page within minutes, and return it to work, while the competent authorities are working to trace the source of the hack to take the necessary measures.”

And according to what “Akhbar Al-Jordan” monitored, earlier on Tuesday night, the main account picture changed to a “strange” picture, as well as the name of the page, which turned into “Ꮇlcheal Ꮪaylo-or⚡”.

And it becomes clear to those who visit the page – during the hacking – that the party that hacked it continues to publish “strange” tweets in the English language, intensively and consecutively.

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