Why do you think better while walking?

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publish date 2022-01-31 09:31:19

Scientists from the University of Rochester (USA) have found out why it is better to think while walking. To answer that question, they conducted a series of experiments involving 22 healthy young adults, according to NeuroImage.
Experts believe that multitasking is a normal state of a healthy brain. Neuroscientists have found that when the brain requires both direct body movements while walking and to perform complex intellectual tasks, both tasks are best solved.
The more difficult the task, the greater the difference in results. Moreover, it turned out that the load on the brain increased the efficiency of the walking process itself. It turned out that when the participants’ brains were busy solving cognitive tasks, their movements were more accurate and confident than when they focused only on walking.
The researchers said that this phenomenon reflects the flexibility of a healthy brain that benefits from different loads. Maybe that’s why people instinctively go for a walk or start walking around the room when they need to think about some problem.


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