Survival of the fittest.. An eagle hunts a huge wolf and flies it in an exciting scene.. Video

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A number of social media pioneers circulated widely, a video clip, showing an eagle picking up a huge wolf and flying it in stormy weather, and the video shows the eagle taking off from the ground towards the sky, carrying a large wolf with its claws.

A report published by “Russia Today” network indicated that although the scene may seem exciting at first glance, the payload may not appear as it is, as scientists differed in estimating the weight that the eagle can carry and fly with.

According to the “alaska” website, which specializes in wildlife, experts expect that the eagle is able to carry 15 pounds, or about (6.8 kilograms), which is equivalent to the weight of a small deer or wolf. 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

Scientists believe that the eagle’s lifting capacity increases with the presence of wind or swoop very quickly, as speed helps to carry a large weight, but only for a short distance.


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