How do you maintain your enthusiasm in life?

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“Enthusiasm is the driving force behind success, and it is the fuel that runs the engine,” Napoleon Hill, the famous American writer on human development, described the relationship between success and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, this fuel can run out quickly, enthusiasm fades with time, and the motivation to achieve any project, whether in the career path or in personal life, ceases. Why do we exhaust this precious fuel, easily losing our goals without a fight?

Neuroscientist Dr. Gabeja Toleket says there are multiple brain regions involved in the process of motivation and excitement, in particular, the brain’s reward center, which, during pleasurable activities, releases a chemical called dopamine.

Interestingly, there is some research that shows that in order to release more dopamine, we need unexpected rewards.

“It’s a good idea to find a balance between routine and variety, so if everything is to be expected, of course you will release less dopamine,” Dr. Gabiga adds.

The golden rule states that we take a 15-minute break every hour and a half of continuous work; It is important to avoid overburdening the brain and depleting the neurotransmitters involved in focus, willpower and getting things done.

Psychologically, writer and mental health specialist Robert Tibi believes that maintaining enthusiasm is not about willpower, but has to do with our ability to overcome basic obstacles, which can arise in the initial, middle and final stages, of any goal we want to achieve.

Tibi finds that the problems that lose enthusiasm in the beginning are due to the goals that were chosen, that they were not stemming from personal desire, but rather inspired by the suggestions of others or at their instigation, or in response to a psychological need such as pleasing others or fearing their reactions.

Also, vague goals quickly fade, especially in the middle stage of achieving goals. The lack of clarity in the steps leads to a gradual decline in enthusiasm, due to the routine and stagnation that work to diminish the adrenaline, which is the main factor for staying in a state of permanent activity.

In the last stage when approaching the end, enthusiasm often disappears because of the inner critical voice, which seeks perfection, that what has been achieved is not good enough, or the panic of other people’s reactions and their strict assessment of achievements.

In some cases, simply feeling overwhelmed is to blame; Where the banner of withdrawal and surrender is raised on the verge of the finish line.

What are the steps that help increase enthusiasm?

Psychology professor Hendry Wesinger at the University of Kansas considers that enthusiasm transmits excitement and positivity to the people around us. It is not strange that enthusiasm is contagious when we surround ourselves with positive and optimistic people. However, we need to activate some steps, the most important of which are:

Activate yourself

Moving our bodies increases our arousal, thanks to the release of endorphins that boost creativity and positive emotions. A ten-minute walk can motivate and raise the level of joy.

Activate your passion with music

Sound conveys emotions, so music can be a natural mood enhancer. During lunches or short breaks, listening to inspiring music gives a high dose of enthusiasm.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses

In his book Find Your Strength Now, Marcus Buckingham talks about the need for people to stop wasting valuable energy, fixing their weaknesses and ignoring the many skills and abilities that would help them create enthusiasm and motivation to achieve great goals.

Use your imagination

Allowing our imaginations to wander right and left throws our lives into chaos; That is why directing the imagination towards what we want to focus on is very important, and this is done through the production of imaginary films of success and greatness, in which people play heroic roles, and here the subconscious mind will realize what people want, and work hard to implement those scenarios.

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