After the movie “Friends and Dearest” movie crisis, a lawsuit filed in Kuwait to ban the “Netflix” platform

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publish date 2022-01-31 22:18:40

A Kuwaiti lawyer has filed a call to block the American “Netflix” platform in the country, against the background of its screening of the movie “Friends and Dearest,” which, according to the lawyer, calls for “moral decay.”

After a movie crisis, after the uproar it caused in the Arab world… Do the heroes of “Friends and Dearest” play the movie’s game in reality?
The High Court received a lawsuit against the Ministries of Information and Communications, and the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, demanding the blocking of the “Netflix” platform in Kuwait, and the court set the next May 25 session for consideration before the Eleventh Administrative Circuit.

The plaintiff, Lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Subaie, stated that “the American platform recently produced and presented an Arab movie, “Friends and Dearest,” which provoked a wave of public anger, due to his call, through many scenes, to moral decay,” explaining that “this work addresses the Arab family directly, trying to change The nature that God created in her.

The lawyer said that he filed this lawsuit with a “religious and moral motive, because of the messages and schemes contained in the platform that destroy the values ​​of the Islamic community, and seek to create a new generation that does not deny vice and does not find perversions surprising,” adding: “The platform spreads immorality, encourages homosexuality, and permits what God has forbidden.” And it is not in line with the values ​​of our conservative society, and it is a destruction of all the values ​​and public morals that we learned from our true religion.”

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