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The 2022 constitutional amendments will enter into force after their publication in the Official Gazette

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publish date 2022-01-31 23:30:00

The 2022 amendment to the constitution entered into force, after it was published in the Official Gazette, on Monday.

The National Assembly, both dignitaries and representatives, approved the law after it was referred by the government.

The amendment of the Jordanian constitution comes in accordance with its compelling reasons, to consolidate the principle of the rule of law, establish the principle of separation of powers, and enhance the independence of parliamentary work in a manner that guarantees the effectiveness of the parliamentary programmatic blocs, and guarantees the constitutional oversight role of members of the National Assembly, developing, strengthening and advancing legislative performance, empowering women, youth and people with disabilities, and promoting their role and place in society.

It aims to develop parliamentary work mechanisms to keep pace with the political and legal developments that the Jordanian constitutional system has witnessed since the promulgation of the constitution in 1952, in a way that enhances the system of party work and political life in general, and to give members of the House of Representatives the right to choose the speaker of the Council and evaluate its performance annually, and to grant two-thirds of the members of the Council the right to dismiss its speaker. As well as fortifying political parties and protecting them from any political influences and assigning the authority to supervise their establishment and follow up their affairs to the independent commission, as it is a neutral and independent body from the government in a way that enhances the principles of justice, equality and equal opportunities and distances itself from any government influences, and unify the jurisprudence issued in the appeals against the validity of the prosecution of members of the Council Representatives, establishing the principle of transparency and equal opportunities among candidates for parliamentary elections, establishing the rule of non-conflict of interest, and tightening restrictions on the actions and actions that members of the Senate and House of Representatives are prohibited from doing during their membership.

It establishes the National Security and Foreign Policy Council to handle all issues related to the Kingdom’s defense, national security and foreign policy.

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