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Momani clarifies the requirement of vaccination for candidacy and election in “Municipalities and Decentralization”

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publish date 2022-01-31 22:16:11

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Member of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission, Jihad Al-Momani, said that it is too early to talk about the requirement to obtain two doses of the Corona vaccine in relation to voting in municipal elections, provincial councils – decentralized and the Greater Amman Municipality Council.

Al-Momani added in his speech to the “Voice of the Kingdom” program on “The Kingdom” channel, this evening, Monday, that the date of these elections is about 50 days away from us, indicating that the epidemiological situation, according to specialists, is now approaching its peak.

He pointed out that, on the date of these elections, scheduled for next March 22, the level of the epidemic curve may have decreased.

Momani indicated that if the National Epidemiological Control Committee decides to make taking two doses of the vaccine a condition for voting in these elections, the authority is obligated to implement these instructions, and it is also obligated to implement defense orders.

On the other hand, Moumni went on to liken the voting process in these elections, to someone who enters a grocery store, gets its purpose and leaves. Therefore, the election process will be by entering directly into the polling station and voting without any friction with any member of the committee.

With regard to the requirement of two doses of the vaccine on the candidates for these elections, he said that the nomination and registration will be individually, and therefore this candidate will hand over his papers, indicating that the authority is keen that there is no crowding or confusion during this process.

Momani stressed that the commission is working so far, that the elections will be held in an epidemic circumstance, explaining that the commission has a plan to hold these elections in a non-epidemic circumstance, stressing that the elections are on time until now, unless something new.

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