“Phoebe” hits two birds with one stone at the book fair and creates the “Video” cultural cafe project

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“My love for coffee and my love for it was the reason I left teaching.” With these words, the 39-year-old writer and poet Phoebe Faraj expressed her love for coffee and books after she graduated from the Faculty of Education, Department of Geography, and began breaking societal restrictions and working in more than one job, but Phoebe had always planned for why The combination between the book and the coffee, and I implemented this with a mobile cafe project, or it is called the cultural cafe in Al-Moez streets and the book fair in the Fifth Settlement.

Coffee and book lover

Phoebe said: “I am against restrictions and appointments. I started thinking about the most close to my heart’s needs. At first, I started working in a cafe in a downtown street, and then I started taking a step to have my own project.”

And she continued, “I liked the bike, the wheel, because it is light and easy to move, and it was enough to help me to go around the exhibitions, seminars and some streets, and I decorated it with books, because I did not use machines to prepare coffee, but my coffee was on a quiet fire because I always believed that coffee is related to reading, so I meant That the customer spends the waiting time looking at one of the books on the bike.

She continued, “My first choice was Al-Moez Street, because it is a large place with many educated personalities. It was the best place to help me achieve the highest gains, as well as a lot of criticism and ridicule, but no one’s opinion of life preoccupied me enough that I do something with her love.”

She says: Making coffee is a great pleasure for me, and I always liked to throw some verses of poetry to my customers because coffee is similar to poetry, so I always strived to achieve the customer’s mood by drinking coffee, like paying attention to the mood of the reader, as their words are linked to the details, and I always heard the sweetest words from customers.


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