Hisham Maged reveals the scenes of the “first absolute championship”

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publish date 2022-01-31 20:56:41

The Egyptian artist Hisham Maged is living in a state of cinematic activity, as he is taking his first experience in the absolute championship through the movie “The Title Holder”, which is scheduled to be shown in cinemas during the coming period.

Hisham Majed revealed, during his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the reasons that motivated him to experience the absolute championship through the “title holder”, saying that “the idea of ​​the work makes it one of the interesting and enjoyable films that he prefers.”

He continued, “I felt that the film had a space for comedy creativity, and also had a romantic side, especially in the idea of ​​pregnancy, motherhood and paternity, and the problems arising from that.”

The Egyptian artist indicated that, during the film, he embodies the character of a football player, explaining that “this film was worked on two years ago, with all its details and preparations, before the spread of the Corona virus, so he is very optimistic about the success of the work,” which he combines with producer Mohamed Hefzy after 12 years. On their film together, which is (Code Paper).

And about working with the Egyptian artist Dina El-Sherbiny during the events of the film, he said: “Cooperating with her was very beautiful and enjoyable, because Dina is my friend on a personal level, and the atmosphere of filming was all optimism because the work is comic and light.”

In another context, Majed indicated that he hopes to experience the action again, after his brilliance in the series “The Choice 2”, where he embodied the role of Sharaf during work events, considering that this experience is “important and different for him, as he participated in an important national work and with A constellation of big stars,” he said.

He revealed that he is going through the action experience during his new movie, which is expected to be shown in the coming period, entitled “A Few Hours One Day”, promising his fans that the movie will be a “big surprise” for them.

As for the movie “Delivering the People”, which is scheduled to be released soon, Majed said that he “embodies the role of a doctor named Khalil Sidqi, who dreams of immigrating to Canada, and gets into many situations with the heroine of the work, Donia Samir Ghanem.”

The events of “Delivery of People” revolve around the actress Lucy’s pursuit of the film’s heroine during the events, due to her strong love for Majed, forcing them to flee from Lucy in order to marry, and the events between them revolve in a comic framework.

Regarding his return with his friends, the two stars Chico and Ahmed Fahmy, to present a work of art that brings them together, as they began their artistic career, Majed said: “There are many discussions about that, but we are waiting for there to be a story and a good scenario that brings us together again, we talked about the World War movie The third, to have a second part, but we definitely did not take the decision, but I welcome our return to work together again.”

Majed concluded his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, by talking about social media and his relationship with it, considering it a “double-edged sword for the artist.”

He said: “It is very important in communicating with the public all the time, and advertising and promoting artworks easily, but it is also very tiring, as the artist is always thinking before writing something and works for every movement that has a thousand accounts before he makes it, because he always waits for responses. People’s actions, and he is afraid to do something wrong, and therefore he falls into many negative criticisms and is sometimes subjected to insults and attacks on things he did not mean, and this affects the artist negatively.”

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