Be in control of your life.. 5 tips for dealing with a bossy person

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The bossy person is someone who is present in our lives permanently or temporarily, depending on the degree of kinship. He can be a husband, a close friend, or a work colleague. It is natural for him to be dealt with on a daily basis. Also, he is considered a source of anxiety and tension for those around him because he is a person who loves himself and a lot of criticism and that he is a person who does not So, the seventh day, with Reham Abdel Rahman, a family relations consultant, reviews some tips that will make it easier for you to deal with the authoritarian personality and become the master of your life.

In her speech to The Seventh Day, the family consultant said: “One of the personal patterns that a person is negatively affected by is the authoritarian personality and the controlling of others. To turn the tables, manipulate the feelings of others and provoke them, and there are many of these types in our lives, and it is necessary to develop methods and several tips to deal with them.

Setting limits for dealing

This is done by clarifying some acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the relationship between you. Human relationships are based on respect and appreciation, not criticism, sarcasm, and trying to control others..

Don’t argue with a bossy person

The authoritarian personality, by its nature, tends to argue and not debate, as it always seeks to feel a sense of victory over the other party, through defensive means used by the authoritarian, such as justification, loud voice, and punitive silence..

Flexibility and positivity in dealing

The key to dealing with this type of personality lies in knowing the motive behind the domination and control of these people..

calm in dealing

As soon as the controlling person feels that he was able to provoke you and ignite your anger, this encourages him more to try to control and impose control. Therefore, it is necessary to keep calm and not to show anger and provocation, and to deal with the situation flexibly and firmly..

Avoid apologizing and justifying

The authoritarian person seeks to provoke those in front of him, wanting to listen to justifications and words of apology that make him feel his ability to control others and control them. Therefore, he avoids words of regret and justification so that he does not become accustomed to that..


Dealing with different personalities requires patience, wisdom, not rushing to respond, and acquiring multiple skills such as: firmness, flexibility, facing pressures, self-confidence, and communication skills with others.

bossy person

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