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Freezing next night will be less than Sunday

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publish date 2022-01-30 10:17:53

The Compass – The Executive Director of the Arab Weather website, Muhammad Al-Shaker, signed on Sunday, the continuation of the severe freezing situation that dominates the capital Amman and the northern and central highlands until 9 am.

Al-Shaker said that most of the roads in the mountainous heights of Oman suffer from severe freeze due to the presence of snow on the sides of the roads.

Al-Shaker added that the freezing will be at a lower rate next night than on Sunday, noting that there will be a rise in temperatures on Sunday, and temperatures will become closer to their usual rates.

The Meteorological Department said on Sunday that there is a slight rise in temperatures, with the weather remaining stable and very cold in most areas, and relatively cold in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, with the appearance of some clouds at low altitudes, and the winds will be southeasterly moderate.

According to the department, the weather will be very cold in most areas at night, and with the late night hours, freezing and frost are expected in many areas, and the frost may include limited parts of the northern Jordan Valley, and the winds will be southeasterly light in speed.

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