She started herself.. the governor of New Mexico is working as an alternative school due to the lack of teachers in schools

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The governor of the US state of New Mexico has worked as a substitute school to replace one of the thousands of teachers across the United States who were forced by the Corona virus pandemic to stop working, and according to Sky News, she replaced Michelle Logan Grisham, who has a degree in The Advocate, Hakimiah House in the classroom as part of a “Supporting Teachers and Families” initiative designed to close employment gaps in schools and childcare across the state.

“It was probably one of the best days of my entire career,” Grisham said, after the final school bell rang. “It was easier than running the board, but it was more complicated than I expected.”

Last week, Grisham issued an appeal for civil servants and the National Guard to register as licensed replacement teachers and childcare workers.

“Our schools are an important source of stability for our children, and we know that they learn best in the classroom and develop through being among their peers,” the governor said in a statement announcing the program.

The United States is facing an unprecedented wave of the spread of the Corona virus, as nearly five million new infections were recorded last week, with New Mexico, which is considered among the most affected states.

The state governor acts as an alternative school

Nearly half of the school districts in the southwestern state have had to return to teaching online in recent weeks, after teachers and faculty were forced to quarantine after contracting or having contact with the virus.


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