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Warranty clarifies about the salaries of the deceased in Corona from health personnel

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publish date 2022-01-29 12:47:14

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The General Organization for Social Security issued a press statement today, Saturday, in which it said that cases of infection with the Covid-19 virus that insured physicians working in hospitals and medical laboratories are exposed to, in which infection transmission is proven during the course of their work, is considered a work injury as an occupational disease according to the attached table of occupational diseases. of the Social Security Act.

With regard to the institution’s obligations towards the injured covered by the provisions of the law among the workers in these facilities, the institution indicated that the injured who works in private health facilities, the institution bears the costs of medical care if the injured’s condition requires admission and accommodation in the hospital, according to the bases set by the institution, in addition to the daily allowances during his idle period.

In cases of injury that result in partial or total disability, and decisions are issued by the competent authorities in the institution, the institution shall undertake to allocate a monthly salary to him. As for cases of death resulting from infection with the virus, it is considered an injury death, and the entitled heirs are entitled to a monthly salary of 75% of the monthly wage included on the date of the injury in accordance with the provisions of the Social Security Law, and this includes the insured workers in private and public hospitals and medical laboratories.

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