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Do citizens have the right to file lawsuits against electricity companies and receive compensation?

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publish date 2022-01-28 22:17:01

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Emad Abdel Karim

Despite the preparations that most of the official companies and institutions in the country have talked about, and despite the fact that we have experienced several snowy depressions in recent years, our problem of power outages recurs from season to season, in a way that spoils the joy of rain and snow.

In light of the accumulation of snow on the sides of roads, squares, and main and secondary streets, some neighborhoods and residential areas suffer from the bitterness of services and the fictitious preparations that some government and private institutions talked about, especially the electricity companies, which are still experiencing difficulty in delivering the current to a number of subscribers, citizens and shops.

The question that arises here: How can we hold accountable or restore consideration for the citizens who were let down by the electricity companies during the depression and stole from them and their children the joy of the white visitor? How can a citizen live without electricity at a time when he is in dire need of electric energy, whether for heating, obtaining information, facilitating his work and other needs that the family cares about during rain and snowfall?

Law experts confirmed in contacts with “Jordan News” that there is nothing to prevent the citizen from filing lawsuits against the electricity companies in the event of a long-term service interruption, especially in the material aspects or damage to or damage to electrical appliances due to this interruption, as well as shops and companies Which depends on refrigeration in the storage of goods and foodstuffs.

For his part, lawyer Rami Al-Shawara confirmed that a Jordanian citizen can file cases against electricity companies in the event of material and moral damage, whether he encounters damage to electrical appliances or foodstuffs for merchants and stores storing goods.

Regarding moral damage, Shawara told Jordan News that no citizen had ever submitted a case for power outages, as it was the norm to file cases for tangible material damage and losses that can be proven before the judicial authorities, whether electrical devices or goods.

For his part, the lawyer and legal expert Omar Al-Atoot indicated that there are contracts between the electricity companies and the citizen that the citizen signs when subscribing and delivering electricity to his place of residence, and it is possible that these contracts contain some clauses that exempt companies from their responsibilities in the event of a power outage. As a result of the force majeure conditions, which is what companies have tried today to convince the street of and that the interruption occurred due to the forceful weather conditions and the emergency situation.

Al-Atout told “Jordan News” that the citizen can file cases against the damage he sustained during the snow wave, as the laws in other countries give the citizen the right to claim compensation in the event that the electric current fluctuates and damages the electrical equipment.

In the same context, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, Hussein al-Laboun, announced in televised statements that the citizen who did not receive electric current service has the right to complain.

Laboun pointed out that the legislation gives the authority to hold companies accountable, as the requirements of licenses and codes of performance standards confirmed that they start from mere warnings, and perhaps financial fines, and end with the last thing, which is the cancellation of licenses.

He stressed that there are still 600 subscribers in the Jordan Electricity Company who have malfunctions, but they will be completed before midnight, pointing to the accountability of negligent through the authority, and that what governs our work and decides the process of default and efficiency are the requirements of licenses and also codes of performance standards, which are similar to best practices.

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