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A “Motivation Lesson” given by a company owner in Jordan to his school teacher

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publish date 2022-01-28 21:56:53

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A graduate of the agricultural engineering major from the University of Jordan sent a letter to his teacher in the tenth grade, in response to “attempts to thwart him” after he chose to study the scientific branch in the first secondary and second grades.

In his letter, Eng. Faisal Al-Bassal said that he managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree, manage the media office of the Student Union at the university, and excel in e-marketing.

Al-Basal added that he managed to run a company specialized in managing electronic content, to become the youngest owner of companies in Jordan.

Here is what Al-Basal wrote to his teacher:

“You are scientific interference! By God, you will fail..and your future is a seller of tin and scrap.”

Words my teacher told me in the tenth grade while I was in the process of choosing my major

Today, my professor, I dedicate to you a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Jordan and my management of the student union media office

I dedicate to you my ingenuity in e-marketing and my management of a company specialized in e-content management, to be the youngest owner of companies in Jordan and one of the champions of the Arab world in various debate tournaments

My message to everyone, and if the pillars narrow you down one day, God bless you, he will not be disappointed ❤

And my greatest gift to my father, may God have mercy on him❤️.”

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Jordan News

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