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Popular discontent and official and union criticism of the electricity companies

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publish date 2022-01-28 17:20:32

The Compass – Muhammad Saad

Power outages during stormy and rainy weather conditions are expected and happen, but in Oman, what has angered thousands of citizens is the way the electricity distribution companies deal with malfunctions.

The electricity outage lasted for more than 36 hours in dozens of areas in the capital, and the communication lines of the Electricity Emergency Room are not answered, according to what “Al Compass” learned from citizens.

Regulatory advisor to the Jordanian Electricity Company, Salah Al-Khaza’leh, said Thursday evening via Al-Mamlaka channel that repairing the malfunctions of the low-voltage electrical network ends at two in the morning on Friday, and this did not happen.

Regarding the failure to respond to some calls from subscribers, Al-Khazaleh said that about 90 employees are working to receive calls, noting that the centers received about 45,000 calls.

He continued, “The company has an emergency plan in its extreme condition, with 2,163 employees, 480 operating vehicles, in addition to a number of cranes and bulldozers, which were fully prepared for this depression.”

He drew attention to the presence of many blockages in the secondary roads due to broken trees and vehicles in the streets as a result of the accumulation of snow.

The Energy Authority vows: We will continue, through the judicial police, to monitor the performance of the electricity companies

For its part, the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, through its Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Hussein al-Laboun, criticized, on Friday, the performance of electricity distribution companies during the recent depression.

Laboun stressed that “the authority will take the necessary measures in accordance with the requirements of licenses, performance standards and the provisions of the law to deal with the results of the performance of the entities operating in the sector during the low period, especially since the authority has previously announced raising the maximum readiness well in advance of the date.”

He pointed out that the authority, through the judicial police, will continue to follow up the performance of companies in accordance with the legislation in force, and will continue its supervisory role over companies operating in the sector. To ensure that measures are taken to ensure the permanence of the electric current and the provision of service, and that the Monitoring and Emergency Center in the authority has continued from Thursday night until the moment to work and follow up on restoring the electricity to the remaining outages as soon as possible.

Engineers Syndicate: Electricity cuts for hours are an indication of weak emergency procedures

On the other hand, the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate said, the electricity outage for hours is an indication of the weakness of emergency procedures.

The Captain of Engineers, Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, said, on Friday, that the restoration of the electric current did not take place at the required speed, and the concerned authorities did not respond in the expected time to fix the faults.

He added, in a press statement, that the delay in repairing faults “indicates in general the weakness of emergency plans and measures taken by the concerned authorities to confront the snow storm; This has harmed and harmed large segments of the population.”

The Syndicate of Engineers called for identifying the reasons that led to the power outage in some areas during the depression and taking the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Al-Zoubi affirmed the union’s readiness to participate in determining the causes of what happened by holding a workshop in which all concerned parties participate to find out those reasons, evaluate plans and procedures, and develop comprehensive recommendations to avoid a recurrence of what happened.

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