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A huge and delicate battle.. new details about the army’s clash with Syrian smugglers

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publish date 2022-01-28 14:22:51

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Last week, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi announced that the kingdom had become “targeted” from the Syrian border “by drug dealers.”

The announcement came on the website of the Jordanian Armed Forces, which in turn announced a “change in the rules of engagement” on the border areas.

Despite the two previous ministerial and military announcements, the major military operation that took place yesterday on the “border contact points” between Jordan and Syria seems surprising in its meaning and scale.

The recent clashes that took place between the Jordanian army and smugglers, on the 16th and 17th of this month, according to Jordanian official data, revealed that what the attackers are doing are “organised” actions, after an attack by the smugglers led to the killing of two Jordanian border guards and the wounding of three Among them, another clash occurred during a second attempt at dawn the next day in which one of the smugglers was killed, who then made a third attempt to infiltrate and smuggle, this time in broad noon.

If we take the previous experiences between the two parties, the number of deaths announced by the Jordanian authorities, which is 27 dead smugglers, means that a major battle was carefully prepared, militarily and security, by Jordan, and that the operation was “very huge”, because, she says, Jordanian sources, including dozens of smugglers armed with automatic weapons, tried to penetrate the Jordanian border, for the fifth time in less than two weeks.

There is an excess of the political implications of the operation, and the Jordanian ministerial declaration alone is not enough to explain it, since the “organised” successive operations of the smugglers cannot be justified by the security chaos prevailing in Syria. the organization”.

There has been agreement at the international levels that the economy of manufacturing, smuggling and drug trade is run by individuals from within the narrow circle at the top of the pyramid of the Syrian regime, and that the line of securing raw materials, manufacturing and trade also includes Lebanon and Iran, and that the size of this economy inside Syria alone is close, in the year 2020, Three and a half billion dollars, and that the regime operates at least 15 large factories producing Captagon pills.

The smuggling convoys crossing the Jordanian border, within this context, constitutes a vital line for the survival of the ruling group in Syria, and it seems more important than the other political and economic lines that His Majesty King Abdullah II tried to open after his famous meeting with US President Joe Biden in July last year, and the proposals he presented to secure a road map for a “solution in Syria.”

It is clear that His Majesty King Abdullah II at the time saw a benefit in that proposal that was commensurate with his country’s interests, but recent events indicate that the regime’s brutality with the Syrians themselves cannot be transformed, through the diplomacy of mutual interests, into a regime that is less brutal with neighboring countries!

The major Jordanian military operation, in this sense, sets a red line for the Syrian regime, which is not expected to be absorbed, let alone adhere to, by the rulers of Damascus.

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