Soviet “iconic” tank sits on the throne of the most “articulated” tanks in history

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Many experts concluded that the most “impactful” tanks of the Second World War were not the famous German “Panzer”, nor one of the American tanks that fought in Western Europe, where the choice fell on the Soviet tank “T-34”, which made a revolution In the field of armor manufacturing and design, it turned the scales against the Nazi tide in the East.
Steel formed the main material in making the tank, and the manufacturers chose the green color for it, and the T-34 was characterized by speed relative to its medium-class counterparts, until other tanks realized that engineering gap.
The T-34 had an effective arsenal, and its mainstay was a 76 mm cannon, and it outperformed its German counterparts in firepower and maneuverability, according to the Racha Beyond website.
In addition to all of the above, the weighing egg was the design of its tilted armor, which formed a basis for building future tanks radically, and gave the T-34 a unique feature on the battlefield, as its tilted armor changed the direction of anti-armor missiles that directed at the tank at a vertical angle.
This feature caused panic among the German army, whose members had never seen their missiles deviate from their targets.
The T-34 (with the help of the Russian Frost) played a large role in the Soviet victory in World War II.
Soviet factories produced approximately 100,000 of these tanks, and some sources mention that Hitler told some of his generals, “He would have postponed the invasion of Russia if he had known about the T-34.”

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