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Works: A number of roads have been reopened, and work is underway to open others

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publish date 2022-01-27 12:33:33

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, in coordination with the relevant authorities, reopened the currently passable Negev road with great caution to the movement of vehicles, the Souf-Sakib-Ajloun road, and the Irbid-Amman road, stressing that work is underway to open the roads that were closed as a precaution due to the heavy accumulation of snow. .
The ministry said in a press statement that its mechanisms immediately began to remove the snow accumulations and reopen closed roads, noting that all roads leading to hospitals are passable and have not been closed.
It indicated that some roads were closed as a precaution, in coordination with the relevant authorities, so that the vehicles would not obstruct the work of the mechanisms operating in the field in order to remove the obstacles on them.
And she indicated that the roads closed under the Ministry’s jurisdiction until 9:00 am, are the Debbat Hanout-Abu Al-Lussan road – Al-Marigha triangle (the old Negev road) because of the snow, and the road from the Al-Rajif triangle (the royal road) to the Negev triangle because of the snow, and north of Irbid Road – Ajloun is closed due to snow, and Grendel – Sherif South Road is closed due to snow.
The ministry confirmed that its cadres will continue to work in the field to open closed roads and maintain traffic on the roads.
She pointed out that salt will be sprinkled on the roads within its jurisdiction if necessary, and based on the information received from the Meteorological Department, to ensure that no slips occur on the roads.
She indicated that coordination is carried out on a permanent basis with the Ministry’s partners to work on resolving and addressing all observations on a periodic basis to maintain the sustainability of services provided to citizens, according to the government approach followed, indicating that the number of observations and communications received by the central emergency room and emergency rooms in the directorates amounted to about 215 observations that were concentrated About closures due to heavy snowfall and high water levels, and work is underway to solve it completely.
She praised the efforts of the field cadres working in the field to remove obstacles and snow accumulations on the roads, praising the efforts of the partners working in the field for their permanent and continuous coordination with the Ministry to resolve the observations received immediately.
The ministry called on citizens not to use vehicles and park them on roadsides during the prevailing weather conditions, especially in areas witnessing accumulation of snow, except for the utmost necessity; In order not to impede the work of the mechanisms and cadres working in the field to open roads and remove snow accumulations expected to fall on the roads.
The ministry called on the citizens to exercise the utmost caution and to stay away from the streams of torrents and valleys, noting that the field cadres working in the field began this morning to conduct inspection field tours, and mechanisms were installed in the areas most vulnerable to being affected by the air depression to address any observation and remove the accumulations immediately.
It is noteworthy that the ministry announced work within the maximum emergency plan, starting from yesterday morning, Wednesday, and receives comments and complaints through the application of the emergency notification system of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing or through the emergency room numbers announced on the ministry’s platforms, which operate 24 hours a day, represented by the room liaison officer. Operations (WhatsApp) 0780377223, Ministry emergency main operating rooms 065850111, Karak Directorate Works Operations Room 0780377231, Jerash Works 0780377187, Madaba Works 0780377366, Maan Works 0780377338, Mafraq Works 0780377389, Balqa Works 0780377413, Tafila Works 07803773377435, Blue Works 07803773377435 0780377125, Aqaba Works 0780377351, Irbid Works 0780377273, Ramtha Works 0780377394, Capital Works 0780377291, Petra Works 0780377012.

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