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The Libyan ambassador to Jordan: The Libyans are coming

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publish date 2022-01-27 10:04:23

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The Libyan ambassador to Jordan, Muhammad Al-Barghathi, confirmed that Libya is in the “sifting” stage, that it is in the sorting stage and that it is recovering.

In a post on his Facebook account, he added, in the context of his discussion of the postponed Libyan presidential elections, which were scheduled for the 24th of last month, that “the greater the awareness of the masses, the narrower the sieve openings.”

Al-Barghathi also pointed out in his publication that “the crowd is simply looking for its looted money, its stolen authority, its stolen dignity, and its lost state. Control, (beware of the anger of the crowd).

He also stressed that “the masses do not accept dictation and do not accept clients, the crowd will definitely choose, who serves it, not who governs it, Libya is looking for the best, Libya deserves, the abusers are passing through, the strangers will leave, the Libyans are able, the Libyans are coming, (Libya is coming as a country and a state).” .

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Jordan News

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