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Al-Khasawneh calls on citizens not to go out unless absolutely necessary

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publish date 2022-01-26 17:30:19

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Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh directed all ministries and institutions to take the highest levels of readiness to deal with weather conditions in a way that preserves the safety of citizens and perpetuates the work of vital and service institutions and hospitals.

During a meeting he held with a number of ministers today, Wednesday, at the Prime Minister’s House, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of full coordination between the operating rooms formed by the relevant ministries and institutions over the course of the twenty-four hours, and unifying efforts to sustain the work of hospitals and vital and service institutions during weather conditions and to provide the necessary services for citizens in All governorates of the kingdom.

Dr. Al-Khasawneh also stressed the need for hospitals to be prepared to receive emergency cases and dialysis patients, in addition to the readiness of electric generators and backup generators, and to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen stock in hospitals that receive Corona patients around the clock.

He pointed out the importance of ensuring the stock of basic commodities in the markets and bakeries, and the availability of gasoline and kerosene at various gas stations, in addition to securing the citizens living next to the valleys in anticipation of torrential rains, taking care of the Syrian refugee camps and providing alternative caravans in case the water level rises.

The Prime Minister urged citizens not to leave their homes except for the utmost necessity, in order to preserve their safety and to facilitate the teams working in the field from ministries and institutions to open roads and provide them with basic services and not to impede the work of vital institutions in such circumstances.

The Prime Minister pointed out the need to pay attention to tourists in the Kingdom and provide them with assistance in case of any emergency and to ensure their safety, especially while they are in areas witnessing snowfall or road closures.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration Tawfiq Krishan confirmed the readiness of the ministry and municipalities to deal with weather conditions, noting that there are operations rooms in all municipalities of the Kingdom and they are in direct contact with the administrative rulers in the governorates, pointing to the readiness of mechanisms in the municipalities and the presence of more than 100 shelter centers To welcome the stranded.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Yahya Al-Kasabi, said that there are 14 operating rooms in the ministry linked to the main operating room and in all other operating rooms, in addition to the presence of 390 mechanisms distributed in all governorates, and 98 teams ready to open roads and keep them safe and sound for the use of citizens and residents on the land The kingdom.

The Minister of Transport, Engineer Wajih Azaiza, presented a summary of the Meteorological Department’s report on the depression that the Kingdom will be affected by today, the places that will witness snow and the extent of its impact on public life and roads.

In turn, Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya indicated that the ministry, through the governors, administrative governors and relevant agencies in the governorates, has taken all necessary measures to deal with the expected weather conditions, stressing the importance of coordination with the administrative rulers in the governorates to avoid the problems that previously occurred for citizens to leave their homes.

The Chairman of the Amman Municipality Committee, Engineer Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, said that the Municipality declared a state of extreme emergency to deal with the weather conditions, as it identified 137 strategic paths within the city of Amman linking the capital with vital areas such as hospitals, health centers and security centers, pointing out that there are 250 snowplows to deal with snow, in addition to the presence of 5 centers. Main emergency and 22 emergency centers are also distributed in Amman, working around the clock.

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