News that Sisa was absent from Al-Faisaly training for the third day

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publish date 2022-01-25 20:29:30

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Multiple media sources confirmed that the star of Al-Faisaly Youssef Abu Jalbush, nicknamed Bassa, is absent from Al-Faisaly’s training led by Mahmoud Al-Hadid for the third day in a row.
Jordanian and Kuwaiti media reports had confirmed during the past few days that Sisa had finally agreed with the Kuwaiti club Kazma, and that the issue of his transfer to the Kuwaiti League was waiting for the official announcement only.
On the other hand, Al-Faisaly Club confirmed, through its official account on Facebook, that Sisa is linked to a contract with Al-Faisaly Club for a period of two seasons, which was signed on 5/1/2022.
According to the official spokesman for the temporary administrative board of Al-Faisali Club, Nidal Al-Assaf, this contract was documented in the records of the Football Association on 16/1/2022, indicating that this contract stipulates a penalty clause “that if any club submits an offer to buy the player, the Al-Faisaly club has a percentage 30% of the contract value.
Al-Assaf also confirmed that until this moment (last Sunday), no club has submitted an official offer to join the star Sisa.
It is noteworthy that there was no official statement issued by Al-Faisaly confirming or denying the absence of Sisa from the training.

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