Parliamentary legal proceeds to discuss the electoral and political party laws

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publish date 2022-01-25 21:13:00

The Parliamentary Legal Committee, during its meeting today, Tuesday, headed by Attorney Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, began discussing the two draft laws on elections and parties for the year 2021, in the presence of the Ministers of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Engineer Musa Al-Maaytah, and the State for Legal Affairs, lawyer Wafaa Bani Mustafa.

Al-Awdat said that the committee met with the heads of the election and party committees in the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System and a number of their members, to listen to their opinions, proposals and observations related to the draft electoral and party laws. He added that the Jordanian state has entered its second centenary and the political will is clear and serious about reaching a partisan political state that will be reflected in the future on reaching a partisan parliament, programmatic blocs, and parliamentary governments, praising the efforts of the Royal Committee and its recommendations related to the two laws.

Al-Awdat pointed out that the legal committee found it better to discuss the two draft laws on elections and parties at the same time, because they are closely related to the amendments that have occurred to them so that they are brought out to the highest degree of national consensus, and to achieve the desired goal of reaching an effective and real party life, parliaments, parliamentary programmatic blocs and parliamentary governments. future.

He stressed that the committee will continue its discussion of the two draft laws on elections and parties within a comprehensive national dialogue to reach an integrated vision with the committee before approving the two laws and achieving national consensus on them.

Head of the Parties Committee in the Royal Committee, Eng. Adnan Al-Sawair, said that King Abdullah II’s message to the Chairman of the Royal Committee was clear, and was translated into the committee’s outputs, with the aim of achieving political reform and expanding political participation by engaging in partisan work.

He added that the draft law on parties in the House of Representatives is completely new and completely different from the law in force, and its articles are aimed at achieving real party life.

Al-Sawair pointed out that the draft law includes articles confirming the freedom of partisan and political work, holding accountable anyone who engages in partisan work, empowering youth, women, and people with special needs, in addition to increasing the number of the party’s founders to a thousand people, and that they are representatives from a number of governorates. In addition to other articles that strengthen political and partisan work and frame a democratic life that is reflected in the House of Representatives, and that leads to parliamentary governments.

For his part, the head of the election committee in the Royal Committee, Dr. Khaled Al-Bakkar, said that the committee made hypotheses when studying the election law based on the king’s message.

He added that a period of time was included in the parties and election laws that obliges anyone who wishes to run for elections through the party list, to have been affiliated with the party for 6 months, in addition to moving from individual parliamentary work to collective work, as the number of electoral districts was reduced and expanded. Al-Bakkar indicated that the new draft law removed what is known as the ceiling of seats for some segments, including the quota, the Circassian and Chechen, and increased the number of seats allocated to women, empowering them, in addition to empowering youth, and setting what is known as the threshold for the party list and the local list, which enhances party participation.

He stressed that reducing the number of parliamentary seats for all governorates of the Kingdom equally, and was not for the benefit of any governorate over another.

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