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Many people attribute a bad reputation to bread with regard to its effects on health, and blame it as a major cause of weight gain and its associated diseases and effects, but certain bread has been shown to be very beneficial and positively affect longevity.
Recently, those who want to find healthy bread often turn to gluten-free bread, however, studies have revealed that it can do more harm than good, according to the Express website.
These types of bread or products (gluten-free) have a much higher energy content including more fatty acids and fats than their gluten-containing counterparts.
One study found that gluten-free products can lead to obesity and may not be a healthy choice.
In another recent study, researchers concluded that people who follow a gluten-free diet may cause more harm.
They said that consuming gluten does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease, and that those who follow the diet may limit their intake of whole grains, which may in fact be linked to adverse cardiovascular outcomes.
Barley bread is low in carbohydrates and provides vitamins, minerals, fiber, selenium and many other nutrients that are not found in bread made with refined bread flour.
Nutrition experts say that the nutritional benefits of barley are important and more useful than other grains.
Compared to many other grains, even other ancient whole grains, barley is lower in fat and calories, and higher in dietary fiber and some trace minerals (trace elements).
Studies have found that eating barley bread is beneficial in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.
In a study published in the National Library of Health, the association of barley with healthy aging was further analyzed.
The study indicated that “barley has various health benefits, including its ability to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”
Barley has a low glycemic index which helps in blood glucose control and insulin management, with benefits for good health and its ability to reduce visceral fat.

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