A medical condition like imagination.. Can temporal disorder be treated?

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In the momentary imbalance, one feels that he is outside his body, and other strange symptoms.

And we follow up with you today with important information about when to visit a doctor? What are the predisposing factors for this, and can this condition be treated?

When should you visit a doctor?

Transient feelings of depersonalization (depersonalization and derealization) are common and not necessarily a cause for concern, but persistent or intense feelings of detachment or distortion can be a sign of this disorder or a sign of another physical illness or mental health disorder .

You should see a doctor when you notice that feelings:

Hurt or upset you emotionally.

Keep repeating or don’t fade away.

Interfere with work, relationships, or daily activities.

What is the cause of this disorder? What are the risk factors?

The exact cause of the disorder is not well understood, some people may be more susceptible than others, and some genetic and environmental factors may play a role. In addition, intense situations of stress and fear may trigger these attacks as well.

Predisposing risk factors:

Certain personality traits that make you want to avoid or deny difficult situations or make it difficult to adapt to them.

Severe trauma during childhood or adulthood, such as witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event or assault.

Depression or anxiety (especially severe or persistent depression, or anxiety with panic attacks).

Use of recreational drugs (such as hallucinogens, stimulants or depressants) that can cause episodes of depersonalization or derealization.

How do we diagnose the disease?

Your doctor may make or rule out a diagnosis based on:

Physical exam: In some cases, symptoms may be related to an underlying physical health problem.

Lab tests: Certain lab tests may help determine if symptoms are related to medical problems, medications, alcohol, drugs, or others.

Psychological evaluation: A mental health professional asks about your symptoms and about your thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns that can help identify the disorder or identify other illnesses.

The psychiatrist may use the criteria for “impulsivity” listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association (DSM 5).

How do we treat disease?

Treatment is primarily psychological. Sometimes medications can be added to your treatment plan.

Psychotherapy: It is called talk therapy or counseling therapy and it is the main treatment, the aim of which is to control the symptoms so that they disappear or decrease. Other similar forms of therapy are called cognitive-behavioral therapy, or psychodynamic therapy.

Psychotherapy can help:

Understand the cause of the disturbance.

Learn techniques that distract from symptoms and make you feel more connected to the world and feelings.

Learn coping techniques to deal with stressful situations and times of high stress.

Processing emotions related to a past trauma you have experienced.

Dealing with other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Medications: There are no medications specifically approved to treat “impulsivity.” However, medications can be used to treat specific symptoms or to treat depression and anxiety that are often associated with illness.

Can the disease be cured?

Full recovery is possible in many patients.

Symptoms related to the disease often go away on their own or after treatment that helps the person deal with the triggering factors (such as stress or trauma) for the disease. But without treatment, other complications of the disease can occur.

Can the disease be prevented?

The disease may not be prevented, but it may be beneficial to start treatment in people as soon as symptoms appear. Additionally, prompt intervention following a traumatic event may help reduce the incidence of dissociative disorders.

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