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Zahida: The government must change the formula it used to have for 70 years

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publish date 2022-01-26 00:33:51

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Lawyer and legal advisor Hani Zahida criticized the government’s mechanism for announcing official holidays and changing working hours.

Zahida said in a post on his Facebook page this evening, Tuesday, that “it is time for the government to change the formula that the government uses in announcing holidays and changing working hours, and not be satisfied with the formula that it was accustomed to seventy years ago.”

He stressed the need for the government to take into account the issue of “there are many private sector facilities that have become working remotely, and it does not make sense to include them with disruption and to charge companies the costs of working during an official holiday with a wage equivalent to the wages of one and a half days of normal days, although the employees have not changed working conditions.”

Zahida added: “On the other hand, the governorates that will not be affected by the depression and will not accumulate snow, such as Aqaba and Zarqa, should be excluded, and they are not covered by the disruption.”

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Jordan News

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