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“Understanding is its basis” .. A campaign launched by Yarmouk students to educate spouses

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publish date 2022-01-26 01:13:14

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A group of Yarmouk University students from various disciplines launched an awareness campaign called “Understanding is the Foundation”.

The campaign came out of the importance of educating and educating husbands, in order to avoid all kinds of divorce cases, and consequently the dispersal of the family and the resulting victims.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among families, and how to manage dialogue to save the institution of marriage from reaching a difficult stage that causes harm to all parties, given the importance of obligating people to receive educational courses to reduce the divorce rate as much as possible.

According to the founding member, a master’s student in Islamic jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Yarmouk University, Muhammad Bani Irsheid, who is one of the organizers of this campaign, the coordination of this campaign was with the Deanship of Student Affairs and work on it with the effort of university students after obtaining specialized training in campaign management. Advocacy and lobbying by the “I Participate” program – one of the programs of the Crown Prince Foundation.

Bani Irsheid stressed that the reasons for launching this campaign are many, but the most important of them is the increase in divorce cases in society and family disintegration due to the difficulty of understanding between spouses, which victimizes children due to ignorance and lack of sufficient knowledge of marital responsibility and how to manage crises that befall the family.

He continued, “The goal is to hold mandatory and awareness sessions on the importance of understanding and dialogue in marital relations, and thus the launch of this campaign came in an attempt to reduce divorce rates and solve family problems.”

Bani Irsheid added that the main launch of this campaign was from inside Yarmouk University, through a number of visits made by campaign members to the deanships of faculties and university doctors, with the aim of benefiting and introducing the campaign, its activities and objectives.

College deans and specialists expressed their admiration for the campaign, calling for encouraging such educational awareness initiatives and the effective role they play in society.

It is noteworthy that the campaign seeks to educate university students about the importance of understanding and dialogue between spouses, by holding educational courses with an approved certificate and formulating compulsory courses for this purpose for all disciplines, if possible.

On the external level and the local community, Bani Irsheid indicated that the campaign conducted a questionnaire to measure the extent of the ability of the local community and its members to the campaign and its activities, and the responses were positive, supportive and encouraging. consideration and use in activities.

He expressed his hope and those in charge of the campaign, with the participation of local community institutions and members of society, to work together in raising awareness of the community and its members who are about to get married and highlighting the importance of that.

Bani Irsheid indicated that the campaign was launched last September, as it targets those who are about to get married to oblige them to receive educational courses with the aim of reducing the divorce rate in society. The campaign seeks to amend Article (36) paragraph (i) of the Personal Status Law, Part Two Types of Marriage and Its Provisions Chapter Three Documenting the contract, which provides the right to the judge to conduct courses for those who wish to marry, as this course becomes mandatory.

He stressed the importance of the courses being 50% free, and presented via an electronic platform, and working to eliminate domestic violence by creating an atmosphere of peace, stability and security among families.

Divorce is one of the biggest problems that society suffers from, and it affects the family and children and generates a feeling of fear, loss of safety and deviation, due to the unwillingness of one of the spouses to take responsibility or find solutions to problems and disputes, in addition to the lack of knowledge of the rights and duties of both parties.

According to the annual statistical report issued by the Chief Justice Department, the cumulative divorce cases, with the exception of the judicial divorce registered in the Sharia courts in Jordan in 2020, amounted to 17,144 cases and 3,400 cases of early divorce from a marriage that did not exceed a year.

Jordan recorded a remarkable increase in divorce rates, as it ranked 14th globally and first in the Arab world, with 60 divorces per day.

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