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The dismissed MP, Osama Al-Rahil, was sentenced to 12 years in temporary labor

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publish date 2022-01-26 12:14:56

This morning, Wednesday, the State Security Court, in an open session in the presence of the defense attorneys of the accused and the public prosecutor, issued its ruling against the dismissed MP, Osama al-Rahil, with a 12-year temporary labor situation and fees, after incriminating him with the charges entrusted to him by the Public Prosecution.
At the same time, the court decided to sentence the rest of the co-accused with the first defendant to be placed in temporary labor for periods ranging from seven to eight years.
In the details, the State Security Court Prosecution had referred the accused, Osama al-Rahil and other defendants to the State Security Court, and through the evidence presented during the court sessions, it was proven to the court that all of the accused had committed acts that endanger the safety and security of society and cause sedition, and it was proven that they manufactured inflammable materials with the intention of using them on The first accused had an illegal face and drug use, as it was proven to the court that he committed the elements and elements of the charge of threatening the life of His Majesty the King.
As a result of the dismissal of the first accused, Osama, from the nineteenth parliament, he had in mind, in conjunction with the rest of the accused, working together to inflame the Jordanian street against the political regime, its institutions, and the security services, and to call for disobedience. Organizing it is a way to cause strife, disturb public order, endanger the safety of society, and undermine the stability that it enjoys.
The defendants also staged one of the demonstrations they organized by inciting those present against the existing political regime in the Kingdom. The first accused also urged the participants to disobey and confront state agencies with force and violence by using rhetoric and words that incite discontent and hatred towards official state institutions.
In implementation of what they resolved, the defendants, including the first accused, met inside a farm and manufactured Molotov cocktails using gasoline and burnt oil for the purpose of using them to carry out a terrorist act represented by detonating one of the (Jawad) cars of the gendarmerie forces, which performs its function of maintaining security and stability in the Naour region. And had it not been for the care of God and the vigilance of the security services and the discovery of the terrorist conspiracy that the first accused had woven, this would have reflected on public stability and posed a threat to the lives of citizens, and as a result, the accused were arrested and a legal prosecution took place against them.

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