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Public Security: All roads in Jordan are passable, except for the Sharif of the South

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publish date 2022-01-26 20:27:56

The Director of the Directorate of Operations and Control in Public Security, Brigadier Firas Al-Duwairi, announced, on Wednesday evening, that all Jordan roads are passable except for the Sharif Al-Janoub Road, in light of the start of snowfall in several areas as a result of an air depression affecting the weather, with snow falling in the Karak, Tafila and Liwa areas. Shoubak and Ras Al-Naqab, as the roads in these areas are open with caution.

Al-Duwairi spoke during a briefing that the Operations and Control Directorate had received 13,000 calls since Wednesday morning, including 1,324 calls for civil defense.

He pointed to the occurrence of many traffic accidents, 18 cases related to the weather situation, indicating that the Directorate of Public Security, Civil Defense and the Advanced Patrols dealt with them and the observations were addressed.

He said that 631 sick cases were dealt with, as the Civil Defense Directorate transferred and facilitated 134 cases of dialysis, and transferred 37 cases related to the Corona virus pandemic, in addition to 15 birth cases since entering the depression, as they were facilitated and transported through ambulances and defense rescue vehicles. In addition, 4 cases of suffocation were dealt with.

And he continued, “The 911 application and the WhatsApp station received 12 reports, which were dealt with directly. The external patrols, traffic patrols, and rescue patrols dealt with many observations, and they were addressed in the field.”

He added that many services were provided to a group of tourists in the south and Petra.

Al-Duwairi reported that there had been 39 fires since the early morning, and no one had contacted them in the depression.

He affirmed the permanent readiness of the Public Security Directorate to update information on a timely basis during the low hours, pointing to the readiness of Public Security since the early morning with all capabilities, mechanisms and equipment.

He referred to the situation of the forces in a state of immediate warning to serve the citizen, in addition to activating the security and traffic plan capable of meeting the needs and immediate response.

“We count on citizen awareness and work in strategic partnership with our partners to overcome all difficulties, namely the Municipality, the municipalities, and the Ministry of Works and Water, and we are working in coordination with the meteorologist,” according to the Directorate of Operations and Control in Public Security.

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