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Economist: International standards used to determine the minimum wage are not applied in Jordan

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publish date 2022-01-26 10:00:15

The Compass – Director of the Phenix Center for Economic Studies, Ahmed Awad, said that the international standards used to determine the minimum wage are not used in Jordan.

He added that the minimum wage is one of the tools that governments use to stimulate the economy and provide decent levels of wages for workers in the public and private sectors, noting that the government was expected to decide to raise the minimum wage in light of the consultations conducted by the competent tripartite committee, and based on two criteria, the first of which is The minimum wage is low in Jordan, and the second is that last year workers saw successive rises in the prices of most commodities, and therefore inflation rates were tangible.

He pointed out that the committee was expected to present a recommendation to raise the minimum wage in line with reasonable levels as is universally accepted.

Awad pointed out that the minimum wage in Jordan depends on the consultations that take place between business owners, workers and their representatives, organizations and trade unions, in addition to the chambers of industry, commerce and government, but in other countries of the world other indicators such as poverty and dependency are adopted.

And he indicated that the reports of the General Organization for Social Security and the Department of Statistics indicate that more than two-thirds of wage workers in Jordan receive less than 500 dinars.

Awad said that the increase in the minimum wage will reflect positively on improving the business environment and boosting economic growth rates.


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