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Adaileh warns against keeping the political climate tense and holds the state responsible

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publish date 2022-01-26 22:20:20

He stressed that the solution lies in lifting the security grip on civilian life

The Secretary-General of the Political Action Front, Mourad Al-Adayleh, said that those responsible for the party’s suspension of its participation in the municipal elections are the state officials who sought to keep the general atmosphere stifled and closed in the face of youth, parties and citizens towards any real reform.
During an exclusive interview with the Yarmouk satellite channel, Adaileh sent several messages to the state stressing the need to lift the security grip on civilian life if the state had a sincere intention to reform and expand the circle of partisan participation in bearing heavy responsibility in front of Jordan’s challenges in this inflamed region.
Al-Adayleh pointed out that the Islamic Action Front party constantly looks at the higher national interests and puts them ahead of the party’s interests, wondering at the same time: What can we say to people when university students are arrested in light of the talk about empowering young people?
He added: What do we say about restricting the parliamentary reform bloc and freezing one of its deputies in an exaggerated way, and it shows security interventions to pressure the deputies to come out with this decision and pardon the rest of the deputies, and this image shows people how we can find a guarantee of integrity and non-transgression.
He continued, when the security services intervene and summon leaders, and the director of security tells them, “I will continue for 40 days, so that no one will succeed in the upcoming elections.” Who is this threat to, and if so, let the state appoint whomever it wants, and there is no need for elections.
Adaileh said: If the municipal system serves the people and is not a political decision, then if the state cannot bear to see a municipal member, mayor or a decentralized member of a political party, can they accept the presence of parties in forming governments and partners in a political decision in the country?
He expressed his deep regret at the political situation that the country has reached, saying: “This is a sad scene and people despair.”
He pointed out that the process of modernizing the political system is an ectopic pregnancy, and there are those who want to abort it. Rather, they actually aborted it, asking: What is the climate created after the modernization of the system, and the rules can no longer convince the rules of the path of this participation, and it has become impossible.
He added by saying: You have seen the Monitor’s report which says that only 23% will participate in the elections, meaning 77% are reluctant to participate.
He noted that “this scene is in fact in all of the kingdom, and what about the major metropolises, Amman and Irbid, you will find that participation does not exceed 10%, to 12%.”
And he continued, when we accepted to be partners in modernizing the system, we told the officials that there must be a way out that restores confidence in state institutions and the electoral process that was rigged dozens of times, most recently in the 2020 elections, and we did not forget how this fraud toppled the image of the state.
Who is responsible?
He added, “Why did we suspend participation?” This question is not directed to us, and the one who made the decision to suspend is not the party, but rather the one who tampered with the general atmosphere, public freedoms and the political situation, and he wants to maintain this tense climate in the country because he lives only on this climate and on this tension due to his continued dominance on the scene .
Al-Adayleh said: The one who took the suspension decision was the one who pressured and tampered with the constitutional amendments, and in the House of Representatives, eight members of the Legal Committee did not vote on Article 6 of the amendments, then pressure came after a quarter of an hour and came back and voted.
He stressed that the security grip on civilian life must be lifted, as there can be no real political life.
He added, We received 6 resignations in the party due to the security pressure on the party for the sake of their relatives who need security jobs.
Adaileh said: We have taken a decision to suspend because our primary decision is to participate, and we have been working towards participation for months, but the political climate during the past four months appears as if the state is deliberately pushing people to boycott and frustrate people, and he remains in the arena and the political money and the voices he pushes with his directions.
We participated in the parliamentary elections as a political appreciation to achieve political stability and the general climate despite its harshness, and they prompted positive messages, but we were confronted with tampering with the elections.
No deals with the government
In the interview, Adaileh denied the existence of any deal with the government regarding MP Hassan al-Riyati, stressing that there have been parliamentary attempts to achieve reconciliation and reduce the penalty, but nothing happened, and the party has not talked about a resignation so far.
He noted that the Islah bloc boycotted a parliamentary session as a protest message against the ruling that was issued, and logic says that what happened was an imbalance in the balance of justice in the parliament, and the original was to correct this and reduce the penalty for the deputy, because what happened offends the image of the Council and parliamentary work in general.
Adaileh concluded his speech by warning that “a narrow view does not provide the minimum for the stability of the country. We want to give hope to the youth, the party life, and to a renaissance in the country that can only be based on the partnership of all, and for the Jordanians to gather on a common word for the benefit of their country and their stability, and to preserve Jordan in light of this inflamed region and difficult circumstances.” “.

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