“Instagram” enhances protection of users from “unwanted” content

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publish date 2022-01-25 09:56:55

Instagram has stated that network apps will get additional features to protect users from “unwanted” content.

According to the official websites of “Instagram”, the programmers responsible for the network are working on developing special digital algorithms that will help reduce the appearance of “unwanted content” in users’ browsing pages, that is, posts that may contain bullying or “racist” phrases sometimes. Or verbally offensive phrases will almost disappear from those lists.

The new algorithms will help reduce “offensive” photos and posts that may appear in the “Stories” section of “Instagram” as well, as programs based on the algorithms will preview new posts and check whether they are similar in content to one of the posts that users have reported. Previously to delete from the network.

And last December, programmers in “Instagram” announced that network applications will get features that will help posts appear in browsing lists according to the time they were published from newest to oldest.

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