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What did the king mean by program parties, not people?

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publish date 2022-01-24 21:24:05

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Emad Abdel Karim

A new royal affirmation on the importance of the role of youth in the path of political modernization to empower them and strengthen their role in political participation and engagement with parties, and the necessity of participating in forming national parties based on political, economic and social programs in which young people have a strong voice.

The royal speech today was clear and carried messages to all parties, whether former or those that are forming or intend to be established in the coming days, as His Majesty the King directed, in his meeting today at Al Husseiniya Palace, young people active in political and social work from various governorates, saying, “We want parties based on programs, not people. “.

Politicians believe that the Jordanian arena has recently been active in forming new parties and others under formation and taking final approvals, but what is noticeable in the announcement of their formation is the focus on the names in the party and not on programs and goals.

Party work and the desire for political influence

For his part, writer and political analyst Maher Abu Tir believes that the royal speech was a directive for all those who wanted partisan work on the need to focus on the programs and not on the names of the founders of the party.

Abu Tir added to “Akhbar Al-Jordan” that today we have 17 parties under license and the number can be increased, which indicates that we are in front of dozens of political parties, most of which are of no political and social use if they focus on programs and stay away from the big names that join them.

He added that if parties want to succeed in the partisanship process in Jordan, these parties must have programs and not parties with names and personalities that express social prestige or a desire for political or social influence.

Abu Tair said that there is a pattern prevailing in Jordan whenever we hear about the establishment of a new party that raises the main question: “Who does the party belong to?” Who is the big head in the party?” In other words, the big parties in Jordan are now known by the names they run or control the party, and this has caused many Jordanians to become alienated from the parties.

Ownership message for parties

For his part, the political writer and former MP, Nabil Ghishan, believes that the royal hadith is clear and uninterpreted that we want programmatic parties, not parties of people, pointing out that the royal speech may be a message of guidance to parties that seek to form or obtain a permit recently.

Gishhan added to “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that we have noticed recently and in the past that when parties are formed, they do not announce programs, goals and plans, but rather speed up announcing the names of those who joined them. It is his worries and problems.

He stressed that the Jordanian street no longer wants to see those parties that impose themselves on society without plans, directions or programmes. Rather, everyone, led by His Majesty the King, wants to see parties that come out from among the people and are close to their interests and discuss their concerns and not turn political reform into a cake that personalities seek to share it.

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