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How did the “Films and Media” bodies respond to “Al-Armouti”‘s question about the series “Jinn, Al-Rawabi and Jaber” (documents)

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publish date 2022-01-25 14:35:02

Representative Saleh al-Armouti published a response he received to parliamentary questions he had recently directed about the parties that gave permits to produce series that sparked controversy in the Jordanian street, most notably “The Jinn Series” and the Rawabi School series, because of their indecent scenes and violating the values ​​and customs of Jordanian society.

In response to MP Armouti’s questions, the Royal Film Commission said that it “does not grant licenses to shoot films, but rather facilitates the tasks of filming by addressing the competent government agencies for the purpose of facilitating the entry of equipment used in filming and production – if the authorities agree to that – and also coordinates with the supervisory authorities. On shooting places if entry to these places and filming in them requires permits.

The authority denied its relationship with the companies producing these films, and it did not produce any of these films or finance any of them, stressing that it is not a monitoring body over the content of these films, and it does not look into their content.

The commission confirmed that the Jordanian government agencies’ control over these films is only if the goal is to produce them for display and circulation inside the Kingdom.

The authority’s response referred to the text of Article 7 of the audio-visual works licensing system, which states that “the authority shall control every work that comes into the Kingdom, or is produced in it with the aim of circulating in it, with the exception of what is produced by official institutions.”

In turn, the Media Authority responded to MP Armouti’s questions, by saying that the films and series that are the subject of the memorandum, and according to what is available in the Media Authority’s records, are shown on non-Jordanian and encrypted channels that require a paid subscription, and such channels are not regulated or licensed by the Media Authority.

The authority said that any company or production agency did not apply to the Media Authority to obtain filming permits for the aforementioned works, as obtaining such permits falls within the jurisdiction of other bodies.

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