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Chief of the Audit Bureau: The mechanism of dismissal of the head of the State Audit Bureau is a weak link

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publish date 2022-01-25 16:41:01

The Audit Bureau does not have the mechanisms to oblige to answer its clarifications

The absence of the judicial police has made us lose the power to compel the authorities to take corrective decisions

The head of the State Audit Bureau, Assem Haddad, stressed the importance of the media’s role in reporting suspicions of abuse in government institutions, saying that the Bureau benefits greatly from what is being published through the media, as it is considered an initial and reliable news.

While hosting the media forum organized by the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists in cooperation with Zain, Haddad praised the role of the media in highlighting the shortcomings.

Haddad acknowledged that there is a shortage of human cadres as a result of some government decisions, and among those decisions are referrals to retirement due to regulations, the employee’s reaching the retirement age, and the suspension of appointments as a result of the Corona pandemic, indicating that the Audit Bureau is working to compensate for this shortfall through total digital transformation.

He pointed to the negative impact of the lack of human cadres, given that the human element is the one who performs the supervisory field work, and without the presence of the human element or the cadre, the work cannot be done as it should.

He stressed that the political will to support the Audit Bureau is available through royal statements, but the implementation may be flawed.

Haddad gave an example, saying that the king directed to give the Audit Bureau all the support it needs, but sometimes you find some obstacles that may be lobbies that have certain convictions. He is not afraid of anything, “As long as there is a supreme reference in the state, I am not afraid of anything.”

Haddad revealed that the Audit Bureau was able to submit oversight reports for the last third of 2021 to the House of Representatives.

Haddad complained that the Audit Bureau did not have tools or mechanisms to compel institutions under its control to respond to the Bureau’s clarifications.

Haddad stressed that the appointment and dismissal of the chief of the State Audit Bureau on the recommendation of the Prime Minister “is a weak link.”

Haddad explained: “Administratively; The head of the Audit Bureau is linked to the Prime Minister. supervisory The Audit Bureau is linked to the National Assembly. But placement by appointment is made through the Council of Ministers and requires a royal will. As for the dismissal of the head of the Audit Bureau, it also requires a royal will, and that the matter be justified when the National Assembly convenes, but it remains a weak link. We had hoped that among the jobs directly appointed by the king would be the head of the Audit Bureau. Whoever pays you your salary is controlling.”

Haddad stressed that the lack of judicial police by the Audit Bureau weakened the role and ability of the Bureau to preserve public money. Ministerial or Prime Minister.

Haddad indicated his dissatisfaction with the evaluation of the Audit Bureau by some international organizations, saying that the reasons for the regression of the evaluation are linked to many indicators, including: (the annual reports (2018, 2019) are still under consideration, the administrative and financial independence of the Bureau, the rivalry of the head of the Audit Bureau, procedures for appointing dismissal of the head of the Audit Bureau).


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