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A parliamentary memorandum calling for the general amnesty procedures to be carried out – photo

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publish date 2022-01-25 14:34:45

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Today, Tuesday, about 35 deputies signed a memorandum calling for the implementation of the procedures for issuing a general amnesty.

Yesterday, a number of MPs also renewed their call for a general amnesty, while others criticized the appointments through the Civil Service Commission.

The Parliamentary Public Liberties Committee had recently adopted a memorandum to issue a general amnesty law, while the head of the committee, Abdullah Abu Zaid, said that the memorandum would be presented to Parliament in the coming days with the aim of collecting signatures and approving the memorandum.

Abu Zeid indicated that the committee intends to submit the memorandum to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, and from there to the government, in order to consider a general amnesty law, indicating that the committee believes that the current circumstances that citizens are going through call for a general amnesty.

In turn, the legal and constitutional expert, Laith Nasraween, confirmed that the last general amnesty was issued in 2019, and therefore there is no justification for issuing a similar amnesty after two years.

He pointed out, in exclusive statements to the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that such demands will not be implemented on the ground, as there are no justifications for issuing a general amnesty, and that it carries economic, social, political and societal costs.

Nasraween ruled out that the government would deal with this demand or respond to it, expecting that a number of MPs might not have been aware of a general amnesty two years ago.

He added that the amnesty is divided into two types, the first is a special amnesty, which is issued by a royal will from His Majesty the King, and the second is a general amnesty issued by a law called the general amnesty law of representatives, dignitaries and His Majesty the King.

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