Al-Shboul: Solving the issue of broadcasters from radio and television on the 2022 squad schedule

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publish date 2022-01-24 20:36:26

The Minister of State for Media Affairs, the official spokesman for the government, Faisal Al-Shboul, announced that the solution to the issue of those transferred from the Radio and Television Corporation to the National Library last year will be on the schedule of the 2022 formations.

During the discussion of the Parliamentary Administrative Committee during the meeting held today, Monday, headed by Deputy Dr. Ali Al-Tarawneh, Al-Shboul added that after holding meetings with the Minister of Culture, Dr. Haifa Al-Najjar, in the presence of the Administration of Radio and Television Corporation, the Administration of the National Library, and the President of the Civil Service Bureau, it was agreed to resolve the issue Transferred from the Radio and Television Corporation.

He noted that the Minister of Culture, and by virtue of the fact that the transfers became on the staff of the National Library, addressed the Prime Minister to approve their transfer to the Radio and Television Corporation.

The captain of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate, fellow Rakan Al-Saeedh, praised the efforts of Minister Shboul and the Administrative Committee in following up on the conditions of those transferred from the Radio and Television Corporation, which the Syndicate and its council have followed since the first day.

During the meeting, the Administrative Committee discussed the issue of those appointed at the expense of purchasing services in the Radio and Television Corporation, where it was agreed to open a number of vacancies in the corporation to accommodate a number of them through competition.


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