For the first time…scientists create a “liquid pectin” substance to cleanse the body of toxins

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publish date 2022-01-24 22:08:27

Russian scientists from Dubna University were able for the first time in the world to manufacture “liquid pectin” that absorbs toxins in the body, using an unparalleled (and green) technology, according to the university’s press center, according to what was published by the news agency. Sputnik, Russia.
According to the agency, experts believe that the daily consumption of pectin allows a person to reduce his daily food intake and the risk of heart disease and tumors, and restores the work of the digestive system to normal. Emphasizing that pectin is essential in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases; But it is very difficult to obtain it in a pure and stable form. Stabilizer additives reduce beneficial properties by upsetting the complex chemical equilibrium and phase equilibrium within the material.
It is worth noting that pectin is a natural and powerful thickener for detoxification. According to scientists, its use significantly reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and cleanses the body of salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, excess cholesterol and other harmful substances. The acids used to extract pectin from the fruit destroy its molecular structure, sharply reducing the ability to “absorb” toxins.
In this context, researchers of the Dubna Provincial University, together with other Russian scientists, became the first in the world who were able to develop a “green” industrial technology consisting in the absence of chemical reagents, as well as in the form of a liquid product instead of a powder.
Explaining further, Professor Raisa Gorshkova, Physhimbiopharm’s Director of Research and Education, said: Dubna State University Center “By controlling the release of pectin at the cellular level with the help of innovative equipment made of chemically inactive materials, we obtained a high-quality product from different types of fruits. The entire process is based on resource saving”.
Scientists show that consuming 10-15 grams of this pectin in the daily diet, can reduce the level of bilirubin and cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and sugar levels, and control weight more easily. In addition, pectin can reduce the side effects of medications, aid the development of beneficial intestinal bacteria, and stimulate the immune system.

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