Dozens of turtles died after being poisoned

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publish date 2022-01-24 09:39:24

Dozens of turtles of the cochlear finfish group have died in a lake near India’s economic capital, Mumbai.

Wildlife experts in India believe that the cause of the deaths of up to 57 turtles in the lake may be due to “intentional poisoning”, they told AFP.

According to Agence France-Presse, the conservation workers were alerted of the incident, after a local politician asked them to investigate a foul smell around the water body in Kalyan, about 50 kilometers east of Mumbai.

An employee of the Reptile and Wildlife Rescue Organization, Suhas Pawar, said that 57 Indian shell flapping turtles died, while 6 other turtles were rescued.

Bauer told AFP that local residents likely killed the reptiles to prevent them from eating the fish they were raising illegally in the lake.

He continued, “Everything is being investigated now, and a scientific analysis will reveal the exact cause of the turtle’s death,” according to “AFP.”

He noted that the restrictions imposed to combat COVID-19 over the past two years have likely led to an increase in the number of local turtles.

“It is likely that the restrictions imposed on human activity contributed to the increase in the number of fish in the lake, and thus the number of turtles increased by eating these fish, which angered some local residents,” Pawar said.

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