An expert reveals a portal used by a mutant “Omicron” to invade the human body

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publish date 2022-01-24 09:44:22

Andrei Isaev, director of the Russian Genetic Research Center, revealed that the Omicron mutant can leak into the human body through the eyes.

An expert reveals a portal used by a mutant, a common model that indicates infection with the “Omicron” mutant
“The eye is often a gateway for transmission of infection,” Isayev explained, noting that such cases are usually accompanied by signs of the disease represented by conjunctivitis, followed by a headache and a runny nose.

According to the director of the Genetic Research Center, there are patients who were infected with the “delta” mutant last October, and in January they were infected again with the Corona virus, adding that these cases are most likely infections with the “Omicron” mutant.

Earlier, an expert in the field of infectious diseases, Nikolai Malyshev, stressed in an interview with the newspaper “Nation News”, the importance of monitoring and tightening preventive measures in light of the outbreak of the “Omicron” mutant.

It should be noted that the “Omicron” mutant, which was discovered last November in South Africa, is the fastest spreading strain compared to the rest of the strains that have been discovered since the emergence of the Corona virus.

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