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Rawabdeh: Democracy is conditional on partisan incubators representing the majority

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publish date 2022-01-24 01:57:57

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The former Prime Minister, Dr. Abdel Raouf Al Rawabdeh, said that young people should come forward to take a role in parties and engage in them to be the ones who possess the reins of their empowerment and not wait for them to come “on a plate of gold.”

Al-Rawabdeh added during a lecture on “The Role of Political Parties in Jordan, Achieving Royal Visions and Empowering Youth,” organized by the Ta’alouf Association for Dialogue and Political Studies, on Sunday in Irbid City Hall and moderated by its president, Abdul Ghafour Al-Qar’an, that “the democracy we are looking for will not take root without party levers and incubators that represent the majority”.

He called on young people to engage with those who are more experienced and knowledgeable than them in political work, to be ready and qualified in the future in the process of replacement and generational scramble and building a political cumulative base and partisan tools.

Al-Rawabdeh pointed out that ideological and ideological parties, although they have a role in the national and national arena, what is required is political parties that are based on programs that simulate reality and the problems and concerns of the masses, not that their goal should be singularity and exclusivity of power and its monopoly on the basis of “I am all.”

He pointed out that the partisan situation in Jordan before the nineties was like this and did not present projects and solutions to the concerns of the homeland and the citizen, and instead competed in the constants and postulates.

Al-Rawabdeh said that the current partisan situation will not be able to form a majority on the program, although some of them may obtain a numerical majority by virtue of the nature of society, indicating that the organized partisans within the current Jordanian parties do not exceed 35,000 people, which calls for the need to think of partisan formulas that are more capable of converging Access to the threshold set by the draft election law.

He stressed that democracy is cumulative and not a leap in the air, and it must have partisan incubators with a popular impact away from emotional and religious considerations, because it ultimately represents an achievement in terms of freedoms and prevents the monopoly of power.

Al-Rawabdeh noted that the parties should aim to reach power, but in peaceful and democratic ways, and accept the other and the opposition as part and component to produce a critical and constructive dialogue that leads to more correct decisions.

He stressed that the vision towards political reform revolves around building programmatic parties that constitute a parliamentary majority through which they can reach the formation of governments, which is not far-fetched if a party in turn produces a political party situation capable of simulating the reality, concerns and hopes of the people without compromising national constants.

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