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Learn how to classify the degree of depression

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publish date 2022-01-24 10:16:47

Compass – On January 6, three years ago, the Arab Regional Weather Center created an indicator to measure the severity and effectiveness of depressions, with the aim of making it easier for citizens to know the strength and impact of the depression and the way to deal with the weather situation. The classification also helps the concerned authorities in the decision-making process and announcing The state of emergency according to the severity and degree of the depression and its effects on the atmosphere.

Degrees of intensity of depression

The depression is classified according to the innovative Arab weather index into five degrees for each degree of classification and specific severity, which are:

1. First degree (low weak):

The first degree includes low-impact atmospheric depressions that are accompanied by small amounts of rain, so that the effects of the depressions classified as first degree are in the form of low temperatures and some activity on wind speed and isolated showers of rain in limited areas.

2. Second degree (normal low):

The second degree includes the normal winter air depressions. It is natural for the Kingdom to be affected by an air depression that brings a clear decrease in temperatures and precipitation in different regions with activity on wind speed. The second degree of depression calls for issuing important recommendations because of their association with some dangerous weather phenomena.

3. Class III (low-medium/high-potency):

The third degree includes atmospheric depressions whose intensity ranges between medium and high efficiency, so that the amounts of rain are greater and the temperatures are lower and are accompanied by a high abundance of rain, which necessitates issuing serious alerts because of the association of these depressions with weather phenomena that are more severe than those accompanying the usual depressions.

4. Class IV (low-high):

The fourth degree includes the highly effective atmospheric depressions, which are accompanied by effects closer to the effects of the storm, bringing strong winds and heavier rains. This degree is considered the least influential on the Kingdom, but it is characterized by its high danger and its clear effects on the aspects of public life that lead to its obstruction.

5. Category 5 (exceptional storm):

The fifth degree is the last degree in the indicator of measuring the intensity of atmospheric depressions, so that this degree includes exceptional storms, whether they are winter or snowy. The fifth is to impede all aspects of public life and the various state agencies, and it is mentioned that the Kingdom, since the establishment of the classification, has not been exposed to any air depression of the fifth degree.

The factors that were relied upon to classify the severity of the depression

The Arab weather indicator depends on several factors that accompany depressions, namely:

  • The total amount of precipitation in the areas affected by the depression.
  • Wind speed and gusts during the period of low impact.
  • Expected temperatures during the depression and how cold it will be.
  • The number of areas to be covered by the depression.
  • Duration and period of impact from the beginning of the depression to its end.
  • Snowfall chances and amounts.

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