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Drop and settle all lawsuits between Phosphate and Arkan and Al-Awn companies

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publish date 2022-01-23 22:03:52

The Jordan Phosphate Mines Company and Arkan Construction and Mining Contracting Company signed a reconciliation contract, according to which the two parties reached a consensual agreement to end the legal disputes between them.

The conciliation contract, which was signed by him, came in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Dr. Muhammad Al-Thneibat, and a number of members of the Board of Directors, the CEO of the company, Eng. Abdul-Wahab Al-Rawad, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arkan Company, Eng. Sakhr Al-Nusour, and members of its Board of Directors, based on the agreement of the two parties. Consensually, on the ninth of last December, the dismissal of the partners’ agreement signed between them earlier.

According to the contract, the two parties agreed to end the litigation and end the dispute between the two parties in four lawsuits filed by Arkan against the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, and to consider this contract as a substitute for reconciliation between the two parties, and all rights, claims and claims are limited to the cases involving the reconciliation agreement.

The contract stipulated the final and irreversible cancellation of Arkan, and all claims, allegations and rights included in the lawsuits contained in the contract, which were filed against the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company before the Amman Court of Rights and the Amman Court of First Instance.

The two parties also agreed on the basis for settling the subject matter of Case No. (2336/2019), which is heard before the Amman Court of First Instance and filed by Arkan Company against the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, and the settlement of the subject matter of Case No. (2546/2019), which is heard before the Amman Court of First Instance, filed by Mines Company Phosphate vs. Arkan Company, where the two parties agreed to request the lawyer representing him in the case to register the reconciliation with the court on the basis of the specified amount of the agreed-upon reconciliation.

The two parties undertake, according to the reconciliation contract signed between them, to absolve each other once and for all of any claims, claims or rights included, related or derived from any of the matters covered by the contract, so that each party acknowledges that its rights are limited to what is specified in the contract. Each party forfeits its right to confront the other by referring to it any claim or claim included in the contract between them.

The Phosphate Mines Company and Al Aoun Advanced Contracting Company also signed a settlement agreement, according to which Al Aoun pledges to drop the two lawsuits filed by it before the Economic Chamber / Amman Court of First Instance against the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, and this is a final and irrevocable cancellation.

The settlement agreement was signed by the CEO of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Eng. Abdul-Wahab Al-Rawad, and the General Manager of the Aoun Company, Eng. Muhammad Al-Tarawneh.

Under the settlement agreement, Al-Aoun drops its right to have recourse against the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, with any claims, claims, or rights arising or arising from the two lawsuits, or from the partners’ agreement dated October 2, 2012.

The aid also undertakes, under the settlement agreement, to request the lawyer who represents it in the two lawsuits, to take the necessary measures, in coordination with the Phosphate Company’s lawyer, to finally drop the two lawsuits before the court that is considering them.

Under the settlement agreement, each party releases the other party in general and absolutely from any claims or claims related or related to the partners agreement dated between them on October 2, 2012.

During the signing of the agreements, Dr. Al-Thneibat praised the positive spirit and flexibility that prevailed in the dialogue between all concerned parties, which reflected good intentions and keenness to reach positive results that guarantee the rights of all.

He said that this agreement indicates the positive cooperation between the concerned parties, and establishes a launch in a new phase of constructive partnership, stressing that this agreement at the same time constitutes a positive lesson in cooperation between private sector companies and an incentive for them to find solutions to outstanding issues.

Dr. Al-Thneibat explained that these agreements constitute positive lessons that enhance the spirit of competition and joint work, leading to satisfactory results and a participatory relationship, just as this experience will contribute to enriching the mining work in Jordan.

Dr. Al-Thneibat expressed his appreciation for the efforts that resulted in the signing of these agreements, praising the role of the management of these companies, the members of the Phosphate Mines Company’s board of directors, the executive management, the legal teams of all parties and everyone who contributed to the success of this positive step.

For his part, Al-Tarawneh stressed keenness to maintain the positive relationship with the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, and to respect the company’s policy and the decisions of its board of directors, in line with its mining policy.

He said that Al-Awn Company will continue to compete for mining tenders in the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, according to the laws and regulations followed by the company in this field, stressing the keenness of Al-Awn Company for the fruitful cooperation between the two parties.

Tarawneh also praised the level of constructive and purposeful dialogue that accompanied the preparation and preparation of these agreements, which will be positively reflected on all parties.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arkan Sakhr Al-Nesour Company stressed the importance of the lessons and lessons posed by this step among all parties, which will reflect positively and importantly on the mining sector in the Kingdom, as it is one of the most prominent levers of the national economy.

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