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Army: Anyone who approaches our borders illegally will inevitably be killed

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publish date 2022-01-24 19:20:19

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The Jordanian Armed Forces are facing new and emerging threats and developments on the northeastern Jordanian borders, by confronting militias, terrorist groups, drug gangs and drones, which means that a new type of challenges is before us.

In light of the new challenges and developments on the northeastern Jordanian borders, it has become a duty for every Jordanian to know that the Border Guard forces across all our borders are engaged in a daily battle with a group of outlaws seeking to smuggle drugs and weapons into our lands.

Perhaps our army did not disclose all the daily confrontations with smugglers taking place across the border. Most of the confrontations are in which the rules of engagement are applied, as smugglers seek by all means to bring drugs into Jordan with the aim of either passing them outside or keeping them there.

It is no secret to anyone that the multiplicity of loyalties and the current situation in southern Syria are factors that led to the rise in attempts to infiltrate into Jordan and smuggling, as some militias take advantage of the situation of many people in southern Syria, and work to finance them from smuggling operations, in order to gain their satisfaction in the south.

Jordan recently put the Syrian Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff, General Ali Ayoub, during his visit to Amman, in front of the developments on the borders, and briefed him on all scenes of smuggling attempts to Jordan, and put all the facts and information before him on the table, as things witnessed a temporary seizure that did not last long.

The Jordanian Armed Forces will not accept the continuation of the status quo and the rise in infiltration and smuggling attempts, and sent many messages on this matter to the Syrian authorities saying, “If you do not act, we will act and we will protect our borders,” which contributed to a partial easing of smuggling attempts before they rose again.

The attempt to smuggle across the Jordanian-Syrian border is not new, and the threat has existed for about 10 years, but developments revolve around the increase in smuggling attempts across the northern front, through an effort that appears to be unified and organized within the militia’s work in coordination with other agencies, the armed forces are fully aware and aware of them .

The Jordanian armed forces are not incapable of defending the homeland, and they possess the capabilities and equipment that can protect the capabilities of the Jordanian state, as they have plans and all the information that contribute to this according to the controls, limitations and professionalism of the Arab army, and the armed forces can reach what they want within the interests of the state Jordanian.

The intelligence effort in maintaining national security is important, as all Jordanian intelligence services are now witnessing complete harmony and a full Jordanian understanding of what is happening across the border, which would make Jordan stronger in the face of this outlaw group, as efforts culminated between the armed forces and the Drug Enforcement Administration And the security services, by limiting smuggling attempts from Syria to Jordan and killing it before it reaches the no-man’s land.

The message of the armed forces, after the directives of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Al-Hunaiti, to change the rules of engagement, became clear to everyone, “Anyone who approaches our borders or tries to enter our lands illegally will inevitably be killed.”

Changing the rules of engagement also means supporting the border guards with drones to detect smuggling attempts and adding surveillance radars, in addition to heavy and medium artillery and additional human cadres of all kinds, which means that Jordan is preparing with all its capabilities to confront any dangers that may come from the borders.

During the year 2020, the armed forces thwarted attempts to smuggle about 9,522 palms of hashish, and in the year 2021, the armed forces thwarted attempts to smuggle about 18,000 palms of hashish, while the total of what the armed forces thwarted since the beginning of 2022 amounted to a total of 6,643 hashish, in about Only two weeks.

In 2021, the armed forces thwarted the smuggling of more than 15 million Captagon pills, while the smuggling of 5.5 million Captagon pills was thwarted in the first two weeks of 2022, and reports indicate that Syria has become one of the main manufacturers of Captagon. About one million and 400 thousand narcotic pills of this type were seized in 2020.

The smuggling operations were not limited to narcotic poisons, but also included various weapons, as 24 weapons were seized during the year 2020, while 143 pieces were seized during the past year, and the brave Arab army seized about 340 types of ammunition in 2020, which increased dramatically. Remarkable, reaching 3,236 species during the past year 2021.

The decisions of the Jordanian armed forces are not based on emotions, and there is no room for that, as protecting the capabilities of the Jordanian state and Jordanians is a priority that the elites of our armed forces cannot compromise, and every attempt that affects its security will be met with aggressive deterrence.

It is noteworthy that drug smuggling attempts from the Syrian border target Jordan, and then the Arab Gulf states, which Jordan rejects from its religious and Arab point of view.

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