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Arab weather: Snow over the 1,000-meter heights on Wednesday

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publish date 2022-01-24 08:47:58

Compass – The Executive Director of the Arab Weather website, Muhammad Al-Shaker, said on Monday that Jordan is affected by an air depression centered on the island of Cyprus, accompanied by a very cold air mass of polar origin.

Al-Shaker added that snowfall begins on Wednesday afternoon, at heights of 1,000 meters above sea level.

Al-Shaker indicated that the snowfall extends to include heights of 800 meters above sea level on Wednesday evening, stressing that some areas with a height of less than 800 meters will witness snow accumulations at dawn on Thursday.

According to the Meteorological Department report, Jordan is affected by a depression centered on the island of Cyprus, accompanied by a very cold air mass of polar origin. The weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times and very cold with showers of rain falling in the western parts, and gradually the effect of the cold air mass deepens, as the atmosphere turns to cloudy and rainy in many areas. Over the high mountainous heights, the winds are northwesterly active, with strong gusts at times.

Osama Al-Tarifi, director of air operations at the “Arab Weather” website, said on Sunday that Jordan is affected by “the strongest air depression for this season, which was classified as the fourth degree, which is the degree of the highly effective air depression.”

He pointed out that the depression will be accompanied by several weather phenomena, such as a sharp and significant drop in temperatures, heavy rain throughout the northern and central regions and parts of the southern region, snow at low altitudes that include the capital Amman and several cities that are accumulated, and active winds that raise dust in desert areas.

“Snow falls starting from the hours of Wednesday afternoon on the mountainous heights that are more than 800 meters above sea level and include several areas of the capital and other major cities, and is associated with the occurrence of thunder sometimes. The precipitation will be below that height in most areas, accompanied by showers of hail,” according to Arab weather.

He added: “These winter and snowy conditions will continue in the mountains with a height of more than 800 meters, on Wednesday night / Thursday, and during the day on Thursday, and the snow will be accumulating, in conjunction with the formation of fog due to the clouds touching the surface of the earth.”

Arab Weather warned of the dangers of slipping as a result of snowfall, and called for extreme caution due to the formation of ice on several roads, including external and internal roads, and to be aware of the temperature dropping to less than zero degrees Celsius.

He called on farmers to be aware of low temperatures and the dangers of freezing and ice, and to take into account the safe use of heating methods.

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